The Order of Arcane Arts

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-Wardens of the Arcane Arts

-For every 5,000 people there is someone who is capable of learning wizardry (this doesn’t mean that they’ve studied magic) and there are about 200 wizards for every dragon magic sorcerer in the world.
-The term Mage is a general term used to describe anyone that wields arcane powers. It can be used when talking about a wizard, warlock, or sorcerer. Common folk don’t really understand the different between them all and oftentimes will lump them all together not realizing just how incorrect they are

-Arch Mage Finnelas Vaelruhn (in charge of the entire guild)
-First… (runs a specialist school… They form the Inner Circle)
—Abjurer Jebbedo Sparklegem
—Diviner Lorina Duncan
—Evoker Quincy Jeremiah Thendar Sr
-Grand Warden
-High Warden
-I’d like a position that reflects a warrior or military-like part of this faction. I see the person as an Eldritch Knight that tends to The Registry and using the guild’s resources to protect the land. (Perhaps First Inquisitor)

-They’d have a presence in every major city in the land. This would take the form of a guild hall or something similarly named.
-Each guild hall is tasked with not only representing the Order throughout the realm, but recruiting potential wizards, registering sorcerers (dragon and wild), and eliminating warlocks.
-The best way to control magic is to keep it from as many as you can unless they join your organization and submit to your rules. This is best for the Order, the wizard, and the realm.
-The sale of spells is highly regulated. Wizards that desire training and access to the arcane secrets that the Order possess must first be a member of the Order and then prove themselves worthy and responsible for the knowledge they seek. This can be as simple as carrying out some sort of task that accurately reflects the knowledge they seek or it can simply be an interview process given by an authorized member of the Order.
-The Arch Mage rules the Order as a dictator would, but the Inner Circle (the headmasters of each tower) can override and/or remove the Arch Mage from his/her position.
-headquarters in Ivlar (Ivory Tower)
-Specialist towers for each school
-Level 1 and 2 spells are fairly easy to get access to, but level 3 and up is where that becomes more difficult to find
-Most would describe the guild as unapproachable. distant, and arrogant. In truth, experience has taught them restraint. A standard policy of non-interference has kept order far better than they ever could. This keeps them from being used for the plans of ambitious men who would take advantage of their great powers.
-“The Registry” is a registered list of every known sorcerer throughout the realm. Even though dragon magic is generally considered a gift from the gods, many choose to use that gift for their own purposes. Wizards take it upon themselves to police and protect the realm from these sorcerers. Depending on the nature and strength of the corrupt sorcerer, the Order may assemble task forces to find and subdue and/or eliminate renegade sorcerers.
-Wild magic sorcerers are usually the result of some sort of accident or mishap. They are studied and somewhat feared and brought to Ivlar for safekeeping.
-Warlocks are simply branded as heretics and hunted down and killed
-Occasionally, warriors come to learn some arcane arts and often become Eldritch Knights. They use magic to augment their own martial abilities on the battlefield and are often sent on tasks by the Order. They are also sent to “assist” the Iron Gauntlets with tracking down rogue magic-users.

The Wardens of the Arcane Arts was founded by a high elf named Fultyr Silvertree shortly after the second oracle led the church. Knowledge grew as it became known that magic could be learned instead of gifted by the gods. Most that came to learn could not grasp how magic worked, but those that did, found kinship and strength together. Magic became a bit more commonplace than ever before and kings and kingdoms sought after having wizards in their employ.

Even those that start out with the best of intentions are prone to fail here and there. Hundreds of years passed and magical knowledge was not difficult to come by. Towers were erected across the land, each one dedicated to the study and preservation of a different school of magic.

It wasn’t until First Necromancer, Draevin Hollowbane began to actively lose his value of life that anyone realized it was already too late. Quietly amassing dead bodies, Draevin began creating an army of the dead. Children also began disappearing for seemingly no reason, but Draevin had became mad and obsessed with prolonging his own life. The only way he saw that he could do it was becoming a Lich. During this time Draevin had been indoctrinating his students with his perverse philosophies on death and undeath.

When Draevin felt the time was right, he sought out and killed the [color] dragon and animated the dragon’s bones creating the world’s first dracholich. The new dragon sorcerer watched in horror as he turned into the new [color] dragon. Draevin warned the new dragon that he is not to harm another dragon and, since the new dragon was unsure of himself and how to handle what had happened ti him, he let Draevin leave for his tower.

As Draevin arrived at his home, he discovered the Arch Mage and the rest of the Inner Circle actively interrogating and investigating what had been happening. They discovered his army of undead and began to destroy them, when Draevin’s new pet unleashed it’s fury on the council. Draevin’s students also fought back and the Inner Circle broke. As the last 3 members still stood and fought, the 10 dragons each flew in breathing their terrible breath and decimating the undead army and the dracholich.

Draevin managed to escape temporarily and he gathered his notes and hid them. The Arch Mage, the last 2 members of the Inner Circle, and the 10 dragons searched and ransacked through his tower. Eventually they found Draevin and executed him right then and there. Little did they know, his soul lingered on…

Upon returning to the Ivory Tower, necromancy was banned and made punishable by death. The Necromancy Tower was locked with an arcane seal that only the Arch Mage has the power to break. A new Inner Circle was formed and the Order moved forward.

Over the next hundred years, differing views on the use of magic began to crop up. Some cautioned against its use entirely, others couldn’t understand why the knowledge existed if it wasn’t meant to be used for the betterment of the world. There was also rival Wizards that broke off to form their own guilds. A woman named Crysta Syoon and 5 other witches began finding sorcerers they could experiment on and, once again, the Order felt a need to intervene. The witches spread throughout the realm in order to escape the eyes and ears of the Order. During their travels, they unearthed artifacts and tomes that were once considered to be forbidden. They began to commune with the Archfey, the Great Old One, and the Fiend. The witches became powerful and spread their twisted messages to the different corners of the known world and many began to make pacts and gained powers the Order did not sanction.

Needing help, the Order petitioned the kingdoms to help send brave knights to help thwart the evil threat. The kingdoms obliged and from [Nooch’s Samurai]. The knights and the Order began what became known as the Great Witch Hunt as they systematically found each witch, killed them, and destroyed their teachings.

The Order of Arcane Arts

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